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Confidential CC has reinvented themselves as Email App! Offering all of the same great inbox tools and you loved in Confidential CC, Email App still gives power to the sender to send ephemeral, self-destructing email in the Ccc: line. We have fixed bugs and listened to your feedback to provide an updated user interface, resulting in the an easier to use, all-in-one email application. Finally, the much requested French version is now available for download!We hope you enjoy this new version as much as we do, and always appreciate 5 star reviews below. If you found something we missed, please email so we can get all of the details. Thanks for the ongoing support!
Email App is reinventing email and empowering you regain control over the distribution of your messages and attachments sent each day.
Featuring a New Email Field, Ccc: The new email field, a 4th field under Bcc:, allows you to send ephemeral email. Ccc: messages are encrypted and self-destruct without a trace once read. Recipients who are Ccc’ed have just one chance to read and cannot forward, print or screen shot the message.
A New Inbox: Maximize efficiency and productivity with revolutionary inbox tools. - Send later: set a future date and time to send your messages- Read later: snooze messages to have them reappear at a later date or time- Cancel an accidentally sent email - Attachment Hub: Easily search and locate any attachment associated with your inbox by file name, type or sender name
Connect Seamlessly: Connect with your existing email address and manage all accounts in one place. Currently integrates with all major providers including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook and any other IMAP account.